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A brief introduction of Benin

It has a population of 12 million and is a French-speaking country with an area of 112,000 square kilometers. Benin is located in West Africa and borders Niger, Burkina Faso, Nigeria, Togo, and also connects to the blue Atlantic Ocean. Porto Novo is the country’s official capital, but its political and economic centers are located in different cities. Following the end of French colonialism in 1960, this country gained independence. However, until 1975, it was known as Dahomey after the dynasty based there. After declaring the country neutral, it was later renamed Benin Gulf. The Fon tribe constituted 40% of the population of Benin today, with 25% of its members being Muslims. Beninois use CFA francs currency in the country. The country’s economy depends on agriculture and it is a member of the African Union.

Benin International Trade Report

Benin International Trade Report

According to the International Trade Center, the total trade of Benin in 2021 was 5 billion and 100 million dollars. The share of goods exports from this country in 2021 was more than 1 billion dollars, and the export of cotton with an amount of 640 million dollars was at the top of the export product list. Besides, Bangladesh, India and China are the largest customer of this country’s products.

The total value of imported goods to Benin in 2021 was nearly 3 billion and 200 million dollars. oil products including fuel, are at the top of the country’s import list, also India, China and France are the first suppliers of goods for Benin.

The total export of services from Benin in 2020 was more than 420 million dollars and the import of services was more than 570 million dollars in the same year.

Business relations between Iran and Benin

According to the customs of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the value of Iran’s one-way export of non-oil products to Benin in 2021 which mainly included food items was more than 274 thousand dollars.

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This file contains commercial statistics information including the value and details of exported and imported goods and services The value and list of origin and destination of international trade of Benin in the last five years.

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