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The country of Ghana, which is governed by a republic system in West Africa, with a population of about 31 million people, has a warm climate north of the equator and is a neighbor of Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso and Togo. This country has long been known for its gold trade and was called the land of gold by some. With all the civil wars that have taken place in Africa, Ghana has been able to run one of the most stable governments in this continent and has been able to show good performance in various aspects such as health, economy and human resource development.

Throughout the history, the native people of Ghana were able to conduct an advanced trade based on gold bars, but in the 15th century, this country was first colonized by the Portuguese Empire for a short time and then by England for a century, which made the Europeans trade in slaves and gold. And finally Ghana gained independence in 1957.

According to experts, in 2011, Ghana had the fastest economic growth in the world, and the change in the basis of GDP was the cause of this growth.

Regardless of diamond, bauxite, manganese and oil mines that are found in abundance in Ghana, this country is the second producer of cocoa and gold.

According to the International Trade Center, Ghana’s total trade in 2021 was about 56 billion dollars, the share of goods exports from this country in 2021 reached 15 billion dollars, and gold exports with an amount of 5 billion and 300 million dollars are at the top of the products. Ghana’s exports are ranked and oil, cocoa, fruit and nuts and ore are included in the list of Ghana’s export products after gold. In addition, the most exports of this country have been made to China, Switzerland, India, South Africa and the Netherlands, respectively.

According to the statistical report of the same center, the total value of imported goods to Ghana in 2021 was about 21 billion dollars, the first 5 items of the country’s import list are machinery and mechanical equipment, vehicles and its accessories, fuel and products. Oil, iron and steel, machinery and electrical equipment have been assigned to it, and the first 5 countries supplying goods to Ghana were China, America, England, India and Belgium, respectively.

The total export of services from Ghana in 2020 was more than 8 billion dollars and the import of services was 12 billion dollars in the same year.

The total non-oil trade between Iran and Ghana in 2021 was worth 5 million dollars, according to the customs of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the total export of Iran to Ghana in 2021 reached the amount of 352 million dollars, of which about 95% of this amount was the share of iron and steel exports. and its products. And the import from Ghana to Iran in the same year was nearly 7 million and 500 thousand dollars, and nearly 60% of this amount belongs to the import of a type of fish.

You can check the commercial statistics of Ghana in more detail by downloading the files below. If necessary, you can contact the public relations unit of the Iran and Africa Business Club for more information.


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This file contains commercial statistics information including the value and details of exported and imported

goods and services The value and list of origin and destination of international trade of Ghana in the last

five years

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Total 5-year trade statistics of Ghana


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