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Ivory Coast

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Ivory Coast

Cote d’Ivoire is a country of 26 million people in West Africa, the official language and currency of Cote d’Ivoire is French. This country borders Burkina Faso, Mali, Guinea, Ghana and Liberia and reaches the Atlantic Ocean from the south. Ivory Coast was colonized by France after 100 years in 1960. Currently, the workforce of this country is nearly 7 million people, 68% of whom are working in the agricultural sector.

According to the International Trade Center, the total trade of Ivory Coast in 2021 was nearly 33 billion dollars, the share of goods exports from this country in 2021 was nearly 14 billion dollars, and the export of cocoa with an amount of 6 billion and 600 million dollars is at the top of the export products. Cote d’Ivoire is located in addition, the most exports of this country have been made to the Netherlands, America, Switzerland, Vietnam and Belgium respectively.

The total value of imported goods to the Ivory Coast in 2021 was nearly 14 billion and 400 million dollars, the first 5 items of the country’s import list are fuel and oil, mechanical machinery, vehicles and their accessories, grains and electronic equipment. And the countries of China, Nigeria, France, India and America are respectively at the top of suppliers of imported goods to Ivory Coast.

The total export of services from the Ivory Coast in 2021 was less than 1 billion dollars and the import of services to the Ivory Coast was more than 3 billion and 600 million dollars in the same year.

According to the customs of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the total non-oil exports of Iran to Ivory Coast in 2021 amounted to 14,700,000 dollars, of which about 10 million dollars was the share of urea exports, and in the last three years, goods from Ivory Coast has not been imported to Iran.


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