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Nigeria The Federal Republic of Nigeria is a country in West Africa with an official language of English and a population of about 225 million people, the most populous country on the African continent and the seventh most populous country in the world. Its capital is Abuja, its largest city is Lagos, and it has 850 km of coastline. This country is the tenth country in the world in terms of oil resources and the eighth oil exporter in the world. Nigeria became independent from the British Empire in 1960. The gross domestic product of this country in 2017 was about 375 billion dollars. 95% of Nigeria’s foreign exchange earnings come from oil exports. According to the International Trade Center, Nigeria’s total trade in 2021 was 34 billion dollars, and the amount of goods exported from this country in 2021 was nearly 47.5 billion dollars, and the share of oil exports was 42 billion dollars, and the share of ships and structures. The floating assets were one billion and 400 million dollars and the most exports of this country were made to India, Spain, France, Holland and Canada, respectively. The total value of imported goods to Nigeria in 2021 was close to 52 billion and 500 million billion dollars, the first 5 items of this country’s import list are fuel, mechanical machinery, vehicles and their accessories, electronic machinery and grain. and the first five countries supplying goods to Nigeria were China, Holland, India, Belgium and America respectively. The total export of technical and engineering services from Nigeria reached 4 billion dollars in 2021, and the import of technical and engineering services to Nigeria was 15 billion dollars in the same year. According to the customs of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Iran’s share of exports to this market of 52 billion dollars in 2021 was more than 125 million dollars, of which 121 million dollars was the share of urea exports. And since the main export product of Nigeria is oil and Iran has been blessed with this gift, in recent years Iran’s import from Nigeria has been close to zero or less than one million dollars.

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