Republic of South Africa

This country with a population of nearly 60 million people and an area of 1,221,000 square kilometers is located on the coast of the Indian and Atlantic oceans. Blacks make up 80% of its population. This country has vast mineral and diamond resources, which caused it to be colonized for many years. In addition, it is one of the founding members of the African Union and has the second largest economy among them, and is also considered the largest exporter of gold in the world.

The total value of goods exported from South Africa in 2021 amounted to 124 billion dollars, of which 34 billion dollars belong to the export of gold, 18 billion dollars of this amount for the export of iron ore. The most exports of this country have been made to China, America, Germany, Japan and England respectively.

The total value of imported goods destined for South Africa in 2021 amounted to 93 billion dollars, of which the largest share belongs to fuel, oil and related goods with an amount of 15 billion dollars. After that, smart machines accounted for 11 billion and electronic goods accounted for 8 billion of the country’s import share. China, Germany, America, India and Saudi Arabia are the first five countries that import goods to South Africa, respectively.

Also, the total export of services from Africa in 2020 was more than 7 billion dollars, and the import of services to Africa reached 10 billion dollars in the same year.

You can see more details of South Africa’s international trade information in the table below.

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The total value of Iran’s export goods to South Africa in the year 1400 was 255 million dollars and the volume was 552 million kilograms, of which 218 million dollars was related to the export of urea, even in water soluble form.

And the total value of imported goods from South Africa to Iran in the year 2021 has reached 6 million 500 thousand dollars, of which 2 million dollars was related to the import of plants and their components such as juices and vegetable extracts.

In the table below, you can see the export and import statistics between Iran and South Africa in the past years.

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