South Africa downgraded its diplomatic relations with Israel

South Africa downgraded its diplomatic relations with Israel

Following the expulsion of Israeli representatives from the African Union summit, South Africa today downgraded its diplomatic relations with Israel

According to the public relations and international affairs report of the Iran and Africa Business Club: According to a statement published on Wednesday by the left wing of the African National Congress, this decision was taken during the conference of the African National Congress to honor the “great victory of human rights and the Palestinian people”.

The resolution of Oliver Tambo (a prominent anti-apartheid figure who served as the president of the African National Congress from 1967 to 1991) announced that the purpose of reducing the level of South Africa’s relations with Israel is to “send a serious message to Israel about the continued occupation of Palestine and the continued violation of human rights against the Palestinian people.”

آفریقای جنوبی رابطه دیپلماتیکش را با اسرائیل تنزل داد

The left wing of the African National Congress wrote in this statement that “the decision yesterday is a serious and clear position by the African National Congress in the history of the Jack party” on the issue of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

The statement added: “We believe that those of us who are calling for reduced relations, sanctions and other measures against apartheid Israel and other oppressive regimes are following Tambo’s path.”

The African Union called for the severance of relations between its member states and Israel

South African parliamentarians are expected to reduce the level of diplomatic relations due to Israel’s mistreatment of Palestinians. This happened after the 55 members of the African Union called on the members of the union to cut ties with Israel, calling it a colonial power.

The African Union resolution states: Member countries should not recognize Israel’s illegal status in occupied Palestine and Arab territories, including the East of Quds (occupied) city, which has created a colonialist and racist system. We also ask the member countries to cut off all direct and indirect cultural, scientific, commercial exchanges with Israel. In addition, according to the UN resolution, they should use these measures to cut off relations.

These developments followed the expulsion of a diplomat from an African Union meeting earlier this week. In the pictures that are circulating on social media, the security officials take this Israeli diplomat out of the meeting. Israel has condemned this action and accused South Africa and Algeria of fueling the diplomatic tension. The African Union announced that it does not accept the fact that Israel called the expulsion of its diplomat shocking.

آفریقای جنوبی رابطه دیپلماتیکش را با اسرائیل تنزل داد

Some members of the African Union, despite having bilateral relations with Israel, are against the Israeli occupation. They are against the killing of Palestinians. Israel has been killing Palestinians for a very long time. Israel was accepted as an observer member, but Algeria and South Africa, which have suffered from apartheid, strongly objected. They looked at this situation as an insult to themselves.

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