Algeria The People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria, with an area of 2.4 million square meters and a population of 44 million, is located next to the Mediterranean in North Africa. It can be a good partner for Iranian businessmen. The agriculture industry has been popular among the people as a traditional occupation in this country, but now it does not create much capacity for employment. Algeria also has iron, phosphate, coal and oil resources and earns a high income from the sale of natural gas. One of the important imported items of the country in recent years has been livestock inputs and basic goods, which Algeria itself produces wheat and barley, on the other hand, the country has good production of petro-refinery derivatives, bitumen and urea, which unfortunately, with proper and accurate targeting, they used these capacities in the trade between the two countries. The total trade of Algeria last year was 84 billion dollars, and the share of goods exports from this country in 2021 was about 38 billion dollars, of which 33 billion dollars was related to the export of fuel and natural gas. And the largest exports of this country were respectively the destination of Italy, Spain, France, America and South Korea. The total value of imported goods to Algeria in 2021 has reached 35 billion dollars, and the first 5 items of this country’s import list are mechanical machines, grains, electronic machines, plastics, and vehicles respectively. The suppliers of goods for Algeria were China, France, Russia, Spain and Germany respectively. The total export of services from Algeria was more than 3 billion dollars and the import of services to Algeria reached 8 billion dollars in the same year. Despite Algeria’s annual trade of 84 billion dollars, Iran and Algeria have not exchanged any goods between Iran and Algeria since the beginning of 2021, while despite the Corona epidemic in 2020, nearly 248 thousand tons of goods worth 123 million and 591 thousand dollars All kinds of goods, mainly steel products, dried fruits and raisins, were exported from Iran to Algeria, which was the highest level of Iran’s exports in the last 6 years. Iran’s exports to Algeria were worth 18 million dollars in 2019, 29 million dollars in 2018, 7 million dollars in 2017, and 23.7 million dollars in 2016. In 2020, nearly 252 thousand dollars were imported from Algeria to Iran, which was more than 2 million dollars in 2019, only 300 dollars in 2018, 27 thousand dollars in 2017, and 64 thousand and 500 dollars in 2016. These imported goods mainly included machines or industrial and electronic parts. We are trying to restore not only the trade between Iran and Algeria, but also the trade with this country as the


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