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A brief introduction of Burkina Faso

Burkina Faso, with 20 million people, is in West Africa, bordering Mali, Niger, Benin, Togo, Ghana, and Ivory Coast, and not only is limited to land, but also there is no suitable vegetation in this country because it is located in the south of The Sahara Desert. It has very hot and dry weather and this problem has caused it to face a drought crisis. This country has 13 provinces and its capital is Ouagadougou, 60% of people in this country are Muslim while 23% are Christian. In addition to native languages, French has now been declared as the official language by the government. Burkina Faso is mostly dependent on gold mining for its income, despite farming and animal husbandry being common.

Burkina Faso international trade report

According to the International Trade Center, Burkina Faso’s total trade in 2021 reached over 11 billion and 700 million dollars, and the share of goods exported from this country reached more than 5 billion dollars, and gold exports reached nearly 4 billion dollars in 2021. Furthermore, most of this country’s exports go to Switzerland and India.

More than 4 billion and 700 million dollars worth of goods were imported into Burkina Faso in 2021, with fuel and oil products, mechanical equipment and machinery, and vehicles topping the list. Burkina Faso’s first suppliers were China, Ivory Coast, and France.

Service exports from Burkina Faso exceeded 450 million dollars in 2020, while service imports exceeded 1 billion 570 million dollars.

Business relations between Iran and Burkina Faso

Iranian customs report that 295,000 dollars were exported from Iran to Burkina Faso, including industrial oil and food items, including biscuits, although no imports were made from Burkina Faso into Iran.

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This file contains commercial statistics information including the value and details of exported and imported goods and services The value and list of origin and destination of international trade of Burkina Faso in the last five years

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