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Brief introduction of Seychelles

The Republic of Seychelles is the smallest country in the dark continent, consisting of 115 granite islands in the eastern part of Africa, north of Madagascar, and in the heart of the Indian Ocean. Victoria is its capital and is the only African country that has a high level of human development index. With a population of 100,000 people and a pleasant tropical climate, this country has been able to attract many tourists. And it should be mentioned that 90% of the population of this country, who speak French and English, live on the main island called Mahe and were able to achieve independence in 1976. currently, tourism is the first and fishing is the second most profitable industry for them.

Seychelles international trade report

According to the International Trade Center, Seychelles ‘s total trade in 2021 reached over 2 billion and 400 million dollars, and the share of goods exported from this country reached more than 695 million dollars, and all kind of Fish exports reached nearly 75% of their whole exports.. Furthermore, most of this country’s exports go to France, Britain and Italy.

More than 630 million dollars worth of goods were imported into Seychelles in 2021, with Electrical machinery, mechanical machinery and equipment, all kinds of fish, ships and floating structures, and iron and steel products topping the list. Seychelles ‘s first suppliers were United Arab Emirates, France, Spain, England and South Africa.

Service exports from Burkina Faso exceeded 670 million dollars in 2020, while service imports exceeded 490 million dollars.

Business relations between Iran and Seychelles

In the last three years, the trade between Iran and Seychelles has experienced ups and downs. In the 8 months of 2021, there was a trade of 5 million and 300 thousand dollars with Seychelles. A million dollars of this amount was related to the import of profile rods and power transmission belts. According to the customs of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the value of trade between Iran and Seychelles reached 4 million dollars in 2021 while it was  270 thousand dollars in 2019.

You can check the commercial statistics of Seychelles in more detail by downloading the file below, if necessary, you can contact the public relations unit of Iran and Africa Business Club for more information.

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This file contains commercial statistics information including the value and details of exported and imported goods and services The value and list of origin and destination of Seychelles international trade in the last five years.

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