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A brief introduction to the country of Botswana

The Republic of Botswana is a landlocked country located in the south of the Africa, bordering Namibia, Zimbabwe and South Africa. This country became a member of the African Union after being freed from British colonialism in 1966. Currently it has two million population and 71% of them are Christians and have declared English as their official language alongside the native Tswana language, and they use the “Pula” currency . Botswana is around 580 thousand square kilometers. The government has been able to cover primary education around the country.  which in itself is an interesting success among the countries of the Africa.

The majority of Botswana’s population resides in the east, where Gaborone is located, due to a severe drought and only 5% of the country’s land is arable. Before 2008, this country was recognized as one of the world’s fastest growing economies after being one of the poorest at the time of its independence. Most of the world’s diamond mines are located in this country, which is the first exporter of diamonds in the world. After that, livestock farming and tourism are booming in the country.

Botswana International Trade Report

According to the International Trade Center, Botswana’s total trade worth in 2021 was over 11 billion dollars, while its export of goods reached 3 billion 800 million dollars, Botswana’s top export product is diamonds, valued at 3 billion 200 million dollars.  UAE, Belgium, and India are the top three destinations for this country’s exports.

During 2021, the total value of imported goods to Botswana was more than 6 billion and 200 million dollars, and petroleum products, including fuel, are the country’s most significant imports, with South Africa, Belgium, and Namibia serving as its largest suppliers.

Services exports from Botswana exceeded 500 million dollars in 2020, and imports exceeded 725 million dollars. According to Iranian customs in 2021, there was no trade exchange between Botswana and Iran.

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This file contains commercial statistics information including the value and details of exported and imported goods and services The value and list of origin and destination of Botswana international trade in the last five years.

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