The Kingdom of Morocco, which is also known as the Maghreb, is a country of 36 million people located in the northwest of the African continent and has Algeria, Western Sahara, Spain and the Atlantic Ocean as its neighbors. This country has people from Berber tribes; Its political capital is the city of Rabat and its economic and commercial center is the port city of Casablanca. The Strait of Gibraltar also connects Morocco to the Mediterranean Sea. According to the constitution, the king is the highest political and religious authority in Morocco.

This country has a strategic position in many ways, including its proximity to Europe, and its connection to the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, having a wide stock of various fishes in its territorial waters, access to the open sea, the existence of vast resources of phosphates and other mineral materials and Also, the oil and gas reserves that make this land very rich in resources.

According to the International Trade Center, Morocco’s total trade in 2021 was about 116 billion dollars, the share of goods exports from this country in 2021 reached 36.5 billion dollars, and the export of fertilizers amounted to nearly 6 billion dollars. It is at the top of Morocco’s export products, and electrical machinery and equipment, vehicles and its parts, clothing and mineral chemicals are included in the list of Morocco’s export products after fertilizers. In addition, the most exports of this country have been made to Spain, France, Brazil, India and Italy respectively.

According to the statistical report of the same center, the total value of imported goods to Morocco in 2021 was more than 58 billion dollars, and the first 5 items of the country’s import list are fuel and oil products, electrical machinery and equipment, vehicles. And its accessories, machines and mechanical accessories, and plastic and its products have been allocated to it, and the first 5 countries supplying goods to Morocco were Spain, China, France, America and Turkey, respectively.

The total export of services from Morocco in 2020 was nearly 14 billion dollars and the import of services was 7 billion dollars in the same year.

The total trade between Iran and Morocco in the year 2021 was worth 5 million dollars, according to the customs of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the total export of Iran to Morocco, which has a market of nearly 60 billion dollars, was 4 million and 500 thousand dollars in the year 1400. About 98% of this amount was the share of raisin exports. And the import from Morocco to Iran in the same year was nearly 500 thousand dollars.

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