International marketing training

International marketing training

The first topic: What is international marketing?

One of the most important effective factors for the success of companies in international markets is without a doubt, paying attention to various marketing methods. In line with international marketing management, it is recommended to study international marketing in a basic way, because you must be aware that marketing in the international environment is much more difficult than marketing in the domestic environment. And on the other hand, international companies cannot easily compete in other countries’ markets.

What is international marketing?

International Marketing is the conduct of cross-border commercial activities to deliver the goods and services of a company to its customers or consumers in more than one country in order to gain profit. The steps and principles of marketing are standard, principled and general and are applicable in all markets and countries.

According to another definition, international marketing is the implementation of advertising and marketing programs to sell products or services outside the borders of a country. International marketing is sometimes called Global Marketing. In the following, we will review the various marketing methods.

• Domestic Marketing

Producing and selling products or services within the geographic scope of a country is called internal marketing.

• Export Marketing

Products and services can be exported to one or more countries in addition to being produced and sold in the geographical area of a country (domestic marketing), without making any changes, but it can be seen that the focus is still more on the domestic market.

• International Marketing

In this type of marketing model, producers design and produce their products according to the taste and interest of the people of those societies and sell them to one or more other countries.

• Multinational Marketing

In this type of international marketing, the manufacturing company tries to sell the product or products to several countries with the same taste or need at the same time, in other words, for example, product A is sold and distributed in the UAE, Oman and Qatar and at the same time produce different products for the people of East Asia.

• Global Marketing

In this style of international marketing, business owners and manufacturers investigate and analyze the interests and needs of people in all countries of the world, and based on the collected information, produce the same product for all the markets of those countries. International marketing requires accurate knowledge and training, which often many companies do not have enough ability and do not spend the necessary time for international marketing and do not put international marketing training on their agenda. For these reasons, they refuse to enter the international markets, or if they do, they face failure. Unfortunately, most of the Iranian businesses have not been able to take advantage of the capacities of the global markets due to the lack of proper understanding of international marketing. Entering and achieving success in global markets requires spending money, time, effort and training. Businesses should be aware that entering global markets is not easy; And one should not take a short-term view of these markets.

Marketing is a process that begins with market research and continues to after-sales service.

Briefly, the marketing process is as follows:

The marketing process is largely common in different markets, but the type of implementation has many differences, and it is natural that in the context of international markets, the marketing process is much more expensive and complicated. Market research in international marketing is of particular importance because, basically, international markets are much wider than domestic markets, therefore more attention should be paid to the market research part of marketing. Moreover, market research in international markets has a higher cost than market research in the domestic space.

The implementation of the marketing process is followed in 2 main stages:

  1. Market research to select target markets
  2. Designing and implementing a suitable marketing plan

In order to succeed in international markets, on the sidelines of marketing education, one should first select the appropriate business market or markets with the help of market research, and then implement marketing plans that are appropriate for that market. In this case, the companies can hope to achieve a stable market share.


In other words, the key to success in international marketing is:

Choosing a good market and then designing and implementing a good marketing plan


The process of international marketing should be described in the form of these two steps, and in reality these two steps have many commonalities and cannot be completely separated. Also, some major and unpredictable issues are also effective in the success or failure of international marketing.

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Step 1: Market research to select target markets:

The implementation of marketing programs as well as the process of marketing research is also very costly to enter international markets. Due to the number of markets, and the distance between the market and the company, market research in international markets is very expensive. Some companies may incur these costs and eventually do not recognize the market as suitable for entry, which is a problem for many companies. For this reason, it is necessary for business owners, in addition to international marketing training, to first carefully evaluate the markets and identify and select the ideal market by eliminating weak markets that do not match the capacities of the original company. and finally implement their marketing plans in it.

The screening process of foreign markets to find suitable markets is introduced with three steps, which will limit the company’s options to enter the international market. Another benefit is that it can greatly reduce the cost of market research. In fact, these steps start the work of market research in international marketing from examining the generalities and finally enter into the details.

Briefly, the process of choosing the target market in international trade is:

  1. Examining macro environment conditions of selected countries
  2. Examining the type and conditions of the market of the countries in question
  3. Investigating the manner and conditions of competition in the target market

Examining the markets of several countries based on the mentioned steps can lead to saving time and money for companies. It is natural that the condition of entering the next stage in this method is the favorable condition of the previous stage.

For example, when investigating the market conditions of the country in question (step 2), it is recommended that the conditions of the macro environment in the country in question (step 1) are acceptable and suitable. These stages start from generalities and lead to more specialized information and details. The advantage of this classification model and step-by-step process is that companies can obtain the necessary and required information without going to the field and doing research through the Internet. Especially the information related to steps one and two, which can be extracted from the published reports of international and domestic organizations that are publicly available on the official websites of these centers and institutions. Finally, additional costs can be avoided by doing these steps.

Following the introduction of some reliable international and domestic sources that can cover the information mentioned and required in these steps are:

  • Reports provided by the United Nations
  • World Bank
  • Reports and analyzes of some reputable sources such as Economist, Bloomberg, etc.
  • The report presented by the senior officials of the countries at the Daos summit
  • The central banks of the countries
  • The Ministry of Commerce of countries and organizations related to it
  • The customs of the countries
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