What are imports and exports?

What are imports and exports?

The World Trade Organization has predicted a 1 percent increase in the volume of world merchandise trade for 2023, which is much lower than the previous estimate of 3.4 percent. Therefore, businesses related to export and import are at the forefront of global trade.

What exactly is an import and export business (IEB)?

These businesses connect distributors in one market to producers in another market. Domestic producers or manufacturers are looking for a way to distribute abroad, and foreign producers or manufacturers tend to enter various international markets. Therefore, by knowing these markets and making effective contact and communication with them and establishing business relations with these companies, the business of these two companies can be connected. In the end, the significant commission amount is 5 to 10% of the income of the person establishing this connection.

صادرات و واردات چیست

This type of market has unlimited capacity and there are thousands of manufacturers and producers pursuing foreign distribution. Electronic equipment, oil and its derivatives, sports products, household appliances, ornaments and watches, carpets and rugs, medical equipment, medical treatment and health, electronic games, clothing industry, food, tools and everything you can think of, only if there is a demand for it in a potential country and you can provide them for that country, it has the ability to import or export.

In order to step into the world trade arena, you need to take the following initial steps:

For example, in the beginning, specify what field you are working in? Find sufficient expertise and skills in the field of saffron, caviar, carpet or… In principle, you have to determine the target and what is clear is a very large market, the business of the employees of this business in their own fields and skills.

1. Choose the type of specialized market you want to operate in

For example, you should specify in the beginning what field you want to work in? Find enough expertise and skill in the field of saffron, caviar, carpet or… Basically, you have to determine the target market, and as you know, the market is very large, most of the people working in this business have expertise and skills in their own fields.

2. Start your business

You need the essentials and basics of this business, which you can extract and use a complete list of basics through the website Entrepreneur.com. Here is a condensed list:

  • Computer, modem and printer
  • Fax machine
  • Internet/e-mail service setup
  • Phone
  • Voice message or messenger
  • Stationery and office supplies
  • Stamps, letters and…

3. Strengthen your communication

There are many ways to communicate with multiple companies. You can always get help from chambers of commerce or use social networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook or… which are full of millions of large and small businesses.

4. Establish business relations

There are extensive measures for the formation of this process, but the most significant and important issue is that you must first make sure that both sides of the account that you are going to introduce to each other are reliable. Because each of the party’s cheats in the transactions, your credibility will be questioned and your professional image will be damaged, so you must be sure of both sides.

In conclusion

In the world of this business and global trade, there are always many details, the most important of which is your credit and trust. You should always strive for the highest level of credibility and integrity, because there are many businesses in this field and you must be the best among them. And the best way to achieve this is to be introduced to new customers through your current customers, because word of mouth, or word of mouth marketing, has the greatest impact on marketing and business activity. Especially if you have just started your business and have limited sources, acquaintances and chain.

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