Meetings of MMTE company directors with the Senegal Chamber of Commerce

MMTE company directors meeting with the Senegalese business delegation

The high-level business delegation of Senegal, led by Mr. Sheikh Cisse, was able to attend the MMTE company after the coordination of the Iran and Africa Business Club.

According to the public relations and international affairs report of the Iran and African Continent Merchants Club: Mining and Metals Technological Engineering Company, which is called MMTE for short, includes three sub-groups under the headings: Kar Alvand Steel Technological Engineering Company, Aria Hadid Construction Engineering Company and Sanat Madain Engineering Company. All three of them work in the field of mining exploitation projects and related steel equipment construction. The country of Senegal, which has many unexploited mines, including gold mines, has a great desire to start exploiting its potential land potential. In this regard, Iranian engineers stated that we need water and gas resources in order to start mining exploitation projects and implement the required facilities, and the Senegalese side assured them in this regard and announced that Senegal has rich water and gas resources.

This visit was arranged at the head office of MMTE company with the company of directors of Iran and Africa Business Club to make the Senegalese delegation familiar with the capabilities of Iranian companies. In addition, it was pointed out in this meeting that MMTE has experience in implementing heavy projects in Russia and Iraq. This issue was welcomed by the Senegalese trade delegation, so they announced that when they return to Senegal, they will transfer the specialized and engineering capacities available in the Islamic Republic of Iran to the high-ranking officials and decision makers in this field. Hoping that it will be a starting point for cooperation between the two countries.

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