Registering a company in Ghana

Registering a company in Ghana

If you are planning to start a business, and you have thought about registering a business in Africa. The country of Ghana enjoys very good commercial positions. The most important industries in Ghana are related to aluminum smelting and cocoa production, so that in recent years, the export of these products to different countries has been seen. This country is one of the African countries that the Europeans entered for trade, and this route made buying and selling gold in Ghana a lucrative job, in the same way that selling gold in this country is considered an aristocratic job even today. And the situation has been very good and right, the situation of a gold selling in Ghana and the economic trend shows that Ghana is one of the best countries that allows work to bear fruit.

The reasons for registering a company in Ghana

  • Business registration is important because it protects your business and keeps you safe from third parties
  • In order to be identified as a business owner, your business must be registered
  • You will limit your personal liability as a sole trader or partnership, you are legally responsible for all aspects of your business, including debts and losses
  • It is after registration that the transferred shares are registered in the name of individuals or natural and legal entities and then they are officially recognized as business owners
راه های ثبت شرکت در غنا

Benefits of registering a company in Ghana

The income generation situation in this country is evaluated professionally, that is, in this country, people who work in the gold industry can simply consider buying and selling gold as an important part of their life, and certain tax conditions have been reported for it.

There are people who are active in the domestic markets in the way of export and import, export and import in this country is on the list of important things. And the conditions of economic ratings show this better, in any case, the income generation situation in this country has improved based on the economic level.


An important principle in the field of income generation in Ghana is that, firstly, conditions are in favor of people who follow a profession in a very detailed manner and try to learn the principles in a very detailed way. These people earn their income and up to three times their expenses. And they are included in the list of highly skilled people in Ghana, although this group believes that some of the working conditions in Ghana are complicated and cannot be a suitable option for generating income, although the flow of skills in this country is followed professionally. A very important economic principle regarding income generation in Ghana is as follows.

Two important points about generating income in Ghana: If you are not familiar with the language of the people of this country, it will be practically impossible for you to work, go to work that does not require communication with clients.

If you are entering a job that is unfamiliar to you or you have little skill in it, don’t doubt that it is difficult to find a job in Ghana with a high salary and you should be satisfied with cheap and low costs at the beginning.

Types of companies in Ghana

Company with unlimited liability

Limited liability company

Limited company with shares

Limited by warranty

Cooperatives and foreign companies

Company registration in Ghana by the the Iran and Africa Business Club

Work and employment, work permit and work visa in Ghana

A work visa in Ghana is evaluated in two important ways:

The first type: a situation where a person wants to enter a job in Ghana with high skills, in which he has been successful in his country and has a high work experience, this issue has two meanings from the government.


The second type: You did not receive a small salary in your country for the desired job, or the employer was no longer interested in continuing your activity, which eventually leads to work migration to Ghana.

In any case, it is you who evaluates the work visa of Ghana and it is very important that the conditions of this country’s work visa are suitable for you. A very important economic principle is that the salary and benefits situation in Ghana has changed in recent years and those who work in the electrical appliance repair and auto parts sectors can earn better income over time. The Ghana visa is a valuable renewable visa with an initial validity of one year. And after a certain period of time, it is possible to renew the conditions based on the amount of work profit of the people. Economic rights and benefits in Ghana have improved in recent years, with this country’s work visa, you can bring your spouse and children into Ghana after the first year, and the conditions for permanent residence will improve. The satisfaction of the work sector in this country is better than the previous years in different conditions, and of course the government has considered this issue very important and official has considered the work satisfaction in this field to be very broad.

Registering company in Ghana

Procedures for company registration in Ghana

  1. Receive TIN tax identification number
  2. Taxpayer registration certificate
  3. Brand name reservation

Company registration in Ghana is as follows:

  • Passport
  • Voter ID card
  • Tax identification number
  • Driving license
  • Other relevant documents such as ECOWAS Card (Ghana Card) may also be added to the application.

Economy in Ghana

The most important industries in Ghana are related to aluminum smelting and cocoa production, so the export of these products to different countries has been seen in recent years. The coconut products produced in Ghana are excellent and coconut oil is exported from this country to other countries. The country of Ghana has also grown well in the production of coffee and handicrafts. The state of cocoa in this country is very good, so it has earned the title of the largest producer of cocoa in the world.

Among the most important agricultural and livestock products are coconuts, tobacco, livestock and fish. The per capita agricultural land in this country has changed a lot in recent years.

The most important mines in Ghana are diamonds, gold, and nickel. In general, it is seen as 15% of the labor force in the industries and mines of this country. 57% are working in the agricultural sector and 5% are working in the commercial and trade sectors.

The currency of Ghana has also been declared as a currency, which is denoted by the symbol c. In this country, the most important imported products include machinery and vehicles, and the reason for the high cost of transportation in Ghana is the lack of domestic production of these products. The most important export products in this country are cocoa, manganese, gold and diamonds.

In general, exports from Ghana are mostly to Germany, Italy, America and France, and of course, the forestry situation in this country has also covered a part of the economy. The government of Ghana has tried to ensure that the imports from France into Ghana remain constant, so that the trade routes in Ghana can start working properly, although the annual production situation in this country is reviewed in different categories. The state of GDP in Ghana is professionally followed and the GDP is very important.

Financial and economic security in Ghana

The rank that has been seen in terms of ease of doing business in Ghana was initially 114.00 and today it has reached 120.00, of course, the financial corruption ranks in this country have reached a value of 81.00%. The financial corruption index in this country has a score of 48.00 percent.

It is clear that the composite PMI in this country is worth 56.50% and all principles and evidence should be examined in favor of different economic groups. Competitive ranks in Ghana were initially 106.00, today these ranks have reached 119.00, and of course, the competitive index in Ghana is one of the most important sectors and has scored 51.33.

The leading economic index in this country has reached 13.40 percent. The status of IP addresses in Ghana has grown by 3%. Internet speed in Ghana has reached 33%. The trade balances in this country have reached the limit of 504.46 million US dollars, this economic trend has caused the current account status to be followed more professionally, so that the current account in this country has been evaluated at 327.96 million US dollars.

It is clear that the state of the current account to GDP in Ghana has crossed the 0.10 percent mark and managed to leave the negative space behind. The rhythm of import and export in Ghana is estimated at 17 and 14%, the capital circulation situation in this country is 28% better than in previous years and the growth of gold reserves in this country has improved the economic situation.

Crude oil production in Ghana is also 195 bblka, and of course, Ghana has not yet had a bad situation in the amount of foreign debts. The GDP growth rate in this country has reached 7.40%, the annual GDP growth rate has reached 25% in this country. GDP at constant prices in Ghana in 2019 was 13%.

The rank of gross fixed capital formation in this country is also 4% higher than in previous periods. The situation seen for GDP from agriculture in Ghana has been able to provide 8% growth, and of course, the economic security in the construction sector in Ghana is also seen at a value of more than 35%.

انوا ثبت شرکت در غنا

Frequently asked questions for company registration and immigration to Ghana

Registering a business in Ghana is very easy, but registration can be delayed if the registration documents are not valid or accurate. It takes 20 to 30 days to register a business.

Definitely not! The Act states that the directors of any company registered under the laws of Ghana must be at least two persons. Therefore, one person cannot be the manager of a company alone.

  • Passport
  • Voter ID card
  • Tax identification number
  • Driving license

Other relevant documents such as ECOWAS Card (Ghana Card) may also be added to the application.

In conclusion

For more information, you can contact the legal unit of the Iran and African Continent Business Club every day and consult with our experienced lawyers. You can also fill out our legal consultation request form, and through that our consultants will check all your conditions and contact you and tell you the necessary solutions.

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