Registering a company in Tanzania

Registering a company in Tanzania

If you are thinking of entering the field of international business in the African continent, you must have thought of registering a company in the African continent. Among the African countries, Tanzania is one of the countries whose economy depends on agriculture. Tanzania is the third largest gold producer after South Africa. The industry in this country is limited to the processing of agricultural products, and good economic growth can be seen in the production of consumer goods, which will definitely be one of the best destinations for investment. The proper commercial and economic growth of this country has attracted the attention of many businessmen and activists in the field of economy in recent years. Also, the special geographical location of this country has provided special opportunities for international trade. In this country, private property, business ethics, scientific research and patents are highly valued. Also, Tanzania is one of the best countries in the world in terms of protection and support for investors.

Reasons for registering a company in Tanzania

  1. Ideal for someone who is looking to raise capital or list a company on the Tanzanian Stock Exchange.
  2. A branch of an overseas company may set up a 100% foreign-owned company in Tanzania in the form of a branch.
  3. Forming a company and opening an account can be done easily and quickly.
  4. Tax Identification Number is issued free of charge by the Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA).
  5. For newly established companies, a reduced corporate income tax rate and a series of tax exemptions are applied.
ٍبت شرکت در تانزانیا

Registering a company in Tanzania

Registering a company in Tanzania is one of the ways of immigrating to this country. The country of Tanzania is a safe and developed place for investors who intend to establish a business. People who intend to obtain Tanzanian residence can reach the residence of this country through Tanzanian work visa and also through Tanzanian educational visa. But for people who intend to invest in this country, they can achieve this by registering a company in Tanzania. In order to register a company in Tanzania, it is necessary to fully familiarize yourself with the economic conditions and labor market of this country. One of the most complex emerging markets belongs to Tanzania and it has a good ranking in the world from an economic point of view.

Registering a company in Tanzania and investing in this country is more suitable for people who are in a good financial position. People who intend to invest and register a company in Tanzania should collect their information regarding the purchase of property, living expenses, businesses in this country, etc. Also, if you are investing in this country, we suggest that you go to Tanzania through a tourist visa and get to know the economic conditions, labor markets, living conditions, food and clothing costs closely before taking any action.

Ways to immigrate to Tanzania

Investment (most common)




Special conditions


Company registration in Tanzania by Iran and African Continent Traders Club


Company registration procedures in Tanzania

  1. In the first step, choosing the type of business entity.
  2. Anyone wishing to register a company should conduct a name search to ensure that the proposed name is available for registration.
  3. Preparation of important documents required for company registration in Tanzania.
  4. Entity registration will continue after that.
  5. Opening a company bank account after registration.
  6. Incorporation process; In order to work in a foreign land without any problems, the company needs to complete the incorporation process and obtain the establishment license.
  7. Company registration for TIN and VAT after completing the above steps.
  8. Apply for other mandatory registrations; The Tanzanian government allows the company to operate legally after completing all mandatory registration formalities.
  9. Signing up for workers’ compensation insurance; The next step is to sign up for workers’ compensation insurance with the National Insurance Company or an alternative insurance provider.
  10. Obtain the social security registration; The tenth and penultimate step is to obtain the social security registration number from all social security plans.
  11. Registration with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA); Every person who owns a company must register with OSHA.
  12. Post Incorporation Compliance; This is a statutory duty for any company incorporated in mainland Tanzania.

Advantages of company registration in Tanzania

  1. With Tanzania being among the developing countries, the market is full of investment opportunities from agribusiness, tourism and manufacturing to importation.
  2. The Tanzanian government offers various investment incentives to domestic and foreign investors through the Tanzania Investment Center.
  3. Tanzania is a very peaceful country and provides a very favorable environment for business activity and prosperity in the near future.
  4. The labor market in Tanzania is readily available with skilled and semi-skilled workers ready and available to work in various industries such as manufacturing, agribusiness, mining and many more.
  5. Tanzania allows free outflow of capital and profits and does not impose foreign exchange controls or restrictions and hence promotes investment activity.
  6. The costs of starting a business in Tanzania are low, as the country has one of the lowest consumer spending indices in sub-Saharan Africa.
  7. Special Economic Zones in Tanzania have several incentives to offer, such as 100% Value Added Tax (VAT) exemption for water and electricity services and no corporate tax or withholding tax for 10 years.
  8. Tanzania is a peaceful and politically stable country with no history of civil wars, ethnic conflicts or civil insurgencies.
  9. Meanwhile, this country lags behind its regional counterparts in a number of rankings of the global business environment.
  10. Tanzania was ranked 141 out of 190 countries in the latest World Bank ranking in 2020. Infrastructure, education and institutions, affordability; the quality of Tanzania’s infrastructure varies greatly between the four main modes of transportation.
  11. Tanzania’s infrastructure has seen significant investment in recent years and more is on the way.
  12. The Heritage Foundation’s Economic Freedom Index in 2022 has placed Tanzania in the 93rd global position and the 10th sub-Saharan region with significant financial and investment freedom achievements.
ثبت شرکت در کشور تانزانیا

Tanzanian economy

  • Large, small and medium industries.
  • Workshops for the production of industrial machinery and car assembly.
  • Petrochemicals, oil and gas, dam construction and oil and edible seeds, sunflower oil, sesame and peanut oil.
  • 60% of consumed oils are imported. Businesses in certain sectors such as oil and gas, food and beverage, manufacturing, consulting are required to apply for special permits or licenses.
  • In the top 3 innovation economies by region, in sub-Saharan Africa, it ranks third after South Africa/Mauritius (1st) and Kenya (2nd).
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