The 2nd Meeting on Trade Opportunities between Iran and the African Continent with Senegal

Topic: Development of Trade Relations with the African Continent, especially Senegal


The session of the meeting to examine business opportunities between the Islamic Republic of Iran and the country of Senegal began with the speech of the secretary of the meeting, Mr. Latifi, regarding the statistics of business transactions in the first 6 months of the year between Iran and the African continent

Dr. Seyed Abdollah Hosseini, Managing Director of the Business Club of Iran and Africa, spoke about the development of relations between the two countries Iran and Senegal. Saying that in order to develop these relations, it is necessary to first know the economic infrastructure of Senegal, so we should review the vision document. The government of Senegal, which was approved in 2014, said that this development plan has focused on the issues of Senegal until 2035, and the economy of Senegal is mentioned in this document as the emerging economy of Senegal.

Dr. Seyed Abdollah Hosseini, Managing Director of the Business Club of Iran and Africa, spoke about the development of relations between the two countries Iran and Senegal. Saying that in order to develop these relations, it is necessary to first know the economic infrastructure of Senegal, so we should review the vision document. The government of Senegal, which was approved in 2014, said that this development plan has focused on the issues of Senegal until 2035, and the economy of Senegal is mentioned in this document as the emerging economy of Senegal.

He further said: “This plan has three main axes; the first axis is based on the transformation of the economic structure in order to attract investments for Senegal as much as possible.

The second axis is the increase in national wealth, which will eliminate economic inequalities in Senegalese society.

And the third axis is strengthening national security and stability and calm sovereignty in Senegal, with strong economic infrastructure, all three main objectives of this development plan will take place.

The plan is known as the PSC, which includes six important preconditions to lay the groundwork for the country’s progress.

One of the most important preconditions is sufficient energy supply for the country because Senegal does not own energy, so it is necessary to provide enough energy to implement this plan first.

The next issue is the provision of labor and specialists for the drawer, and the next thing is the possibility of developing transport infrastructure such as rail and roads, which will increase the possibility of Senegal’s economic maneuver.

And the next preconditions that has been made somewhat is to improve the business climate.

Initially, to start this plan, they implemented the PAP, which during four years focused more on the sectors that were considered by Senegal, such as agriculture, fisheries, transportation, etc., which, of course, were able to achieve good results.

It should be noted that Senegal’s population is 18 million, about one-third of which is young. But unfortunately, the population growth of this country does not fit with the growth of the labor market.

The growth rate grew from one and a half to six and a half in 2019, which was significant, but unfortunately due to the problems caused by the coronavirus, this rate then dropped to six percent, and now due to the issues caused by the war in Ukraine. This rate has decreased to four and a half and has had a negative impact on the economy of this country.

Naturally, for Senegal’s economic growth to expand its exports more diversely, it has also had some successes, they witnessed the problem of electricity shortages and outages, but now they are able to export electricity, while South Africa, as South Africa’s most advanced country, is currently experiencing power outages for 8 to 12 hours in some regions.

Senegal has also developed in some other industries and has been seen to be now self-sufficient in terms of supplying some of the items that have been dependent on the past.

The next issue related to Senegal’s infrastructure is the issue of the Internet, which has grown rapidly and has been able to greatly facilitate communications between the countries.

The next case is in the field of health, where the country’s life expectancy rate has risen from 60 to 65 years while it has seen a decline in South Africa.

Women’s participation has risen by 43%, and overall, the overall level of this outlook has made Senegal’s economy an acceptable move. This was the perspective of Senegal’s economy, which naturally requires businessmen to be aware of these issues for bilateral cooperation with the country.

Managing Director of Iran-Africa Business Club added that in the field of relations between Iran and Senegal in 2007 we exported about $16 million to Senegal, which reached $10 million in 2012 and this downgrade continued until 2019, which reached 1 million and again in 2021 has increased to 2.5 million, which is the result of the efforts of the 13th government.

Naturally, this problem indicates the infrastructure problems that the Iran-Africa Business Club is working as a private sector business activist to alleviate these problems.

One of the measures taken by the Iran-Africa Business Club to improve and develop Iran-Africa trade relations is to provide the necessary facilities to participate in joint exhibitions, which is currently the participation in the FIDAK international exhibition, which has 400,000 visitors and 1,000 exhibitors from 40 countries. The country hosts the world, organizes business tours, and those interested in this field can find the necessary information on the website of the Iran and Africa Business Club at

Mr. Dr. Saliunyang Ding, the honorable ambassador of Senegal, at the Iran-Africa press conference:


First of all, I would like to thank Al-Fajr Group and the Iran-Africa Business Club for holding this meeting and providing these facilities for the development of Iran-Africa relations. Above all, it should be known that Senegal can have many strategic advantages due to its geographical capacities and borders with other countries.

Considering that Senegal is connected to the open sea of ​​the whole world and also covers short-term flights to America and Europe, it can also have good access to special areas of Africa.

We have very efficient sea borders in Senegal, and considering that sometimes it may be difficult to transfer goods to other African countries, you can use Senegal’s transport capacities to transport to other African countries.

Of course, we currently have a common airline with the Islamic Republic of Iran, and we are expanding relations to establish a direct airline from Iran to Africa with the cooperation of Al-Fajr Company, and we will reach a conclusion by the first half of 2023.

The second thing is Senegal’s open economy, which especially increases the possibility of creating investment opportunities and starting businesses. We have a membership in the regional organization as well as the ECOWAS organization, which has 36 million members and works in the field of expanding business relations.

In addition, we can develop works in the field of oil and gas activities. But the most important highlight about Senegal is that when an Iranian company enters Senegal’s economy, it can be connected with 50 countries in the world and exchanges can be made, and among them, the currency of 8 countries is the same, and this development of financial relations is also favorable for the political system of both countries.

In the field of Senegal’s internal issues, I must say that we do not have internal conflicts in Senegal, and compared to other countries, we have a long history of peace and we have a good environment for entering other countries

In addition, for the development of business relations, an attractive tax system is implemented in Senegal, which is different from administrative processes and increases the incentives of investors, for example, if you can start a business in Senegal, it will be tax-free for up to three years, and if we export from Senegal, up to 50% of the export amount will be tax-free.

You can register your business in Senegal within 24 hours and start exporting and importing in 10 days, and in 40 days you can build an office building or anything related to it in Senegal and start with the online financial system. We have an investment guarantee in Senegal that if your business is in trouble due to certain internal problems in Senegal, we will pay compensation for your initial capital.

In addition, we host good events such as the FIDAK exhibition, which is one of the largest international events, and this is a good opportunity for Iranian participants.

In the past years, Iran has been the guest of honor at Fidak Exhibition, but for the same products very little they also infested because there is a good chance for Iranian goods in Africa.

Now we have to trust the private sector of the two countries so that business relations can develop further. We believe that there is a good atmosphere in this respect and we will use all our power to expand these relations and I, as an ambassador, will do my best to achieve these goals.

Dr. Mohammad Reza Dehshiri:



Mr. Dehshiri, the esteemed ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Senegal, in a video conference held at the Iran-Africa press conference on the topic: Development of trade relations with the African continent, especially for Senegal, expressed the FIDAK Dakar International Exhibition that was held on December 15-30 in Senegal is held, one of its main goals is the exchange of views between traders and businessmen, and it also provides a market for the sale of Iranian products in Senegal, and also the country of Senegal is a gateway to enter West Africa, which is politically stable and It is economic and has not had a coup so far. Senegal’s economic growth has been above 5% for the past 7 years and currently Senegal holds the rotating presidency of the African Union. Dehshiri added that the FIDAK exhibition will have about 400,000 visitors, 1,000 booths, and will be held with the participation of 40 countries.

Due to Iran’s high capacity in various fields such as oil, gas, petrochemical, knowledge-based products, food, cosmetics, there is a suitable space for supplying Iranian products and identifying products in Fidak Dakar International Exhibition, which is of great importance to both the private and public sectors. Dehshiri added, “I hope that all Iranian businessmen, in coordination with the Iranian Business Club and the African continent, can have a strong presence in the exhibition, which will greatly contribute to the development of trade relations with businessmen, international craftsmen, especially Africans, as well as find the ground for Iran’s greater business interaction with Senegal.” And considering al-Fajr Holding’s activities with the Sheikh Cissé Union in Senegal, and the signed memorandum of understanding, participation in the international exhibition, Fidak Dakar can form a good business relationship between Iran and Senegal, which you can visit’s internet address for full information.

His Excellency Sheikh
Cissé, Advisor to the President and President of the Association of Trade Union (UNACOIS YESSAL) of the Republic of Senegal, in a video conference at the Press Conference of Iran and the African Continent with the theme: Development of trade relations with the African continent, especially for Senegal; that the memorandum signed between UNACOIS YEESSAL and Al-Fajr International Holding between the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Republic of Senegal is an important issue for the private sector as well as the government of the two countries because UNACOIS YEESSAL has more than 100,000 members inside and outside the country. Senegal, as well as countless members of the Iran-Africa Business Club, which is one of al-Fajr Holding’s institutions, which includes traders, domestic and foreign businessmen, the same issue can form extensive international trade relations between the parties by synergizing the two countries through a contracted memorandum of understanding.

Sheikh Cisse added, regarding Al-Fajr Holding and its group and our trip to Iran, we went to Iran and learned about the facilities and facilities of Al-Fajr Group, a very important organization that, in addition to containing a large number of subsidiary companies, is the best companies in Iran. and brings together businessmen for business purposes. Therefore, we hope to be good business partners for the development of the two countries. The efforts of both sides can create a strong economy between Iran and Senegal. In addition, members can enjoy the benefits of creating new relationships between the two parties. In my opinion, this memorandum of understanding can also create better relations between the two countries of Iran and Senegal, as well as give possibilities and opportunities to our governments to find new ways of cooperation for the development of our two nations. Both of us, we are private and economical operators and we can connect and work with other private operators around the world in any country required. Since we have good relations in Senegal with the Senegalese presidency and senior officials, he can help us through the Senegalese embassy in any country we want to do business with and facilitate all our needs abroad.

In the hope that we and Al-Fajr will witness the comprehensive trade and international relations between the two countries, and we are both working hard for this matter, and with God’s help, we are day by day to grow our valuable chain for common goals for the benefit of the two countries.

Dr. Hossein Miseemizadeh:


One of al-Fajr Holding’s efforts to expand trade relations between Iran and the African continent is to send businessmen and businessmen from Iran to Senegal and attend the Fidak exhibition in Dakar, Republic of Senegal, in the Iran and Africa Business Club, 2 tour classes have been defined, which include a visit tour. suppliers and traders who; The visitor tour is for 6 nights and 7 days for two economy and business models, who will be present on the fourth day of the exhibition at the Dakar Fidak International Exhibition in Senegal, and the second tour, which is for businessmen and traders, which includes B2B meetings and holding a booth at the exhibition for It is 17 nights and 18 days for both classes, which will be in Dakar a day or two before the start of the exhibition. Mismizadeh added, we will certainly provide certain facilities for the members of the Iran and Africa Business Club, with the cooperation and memorandum of understanding between Al-Fajr International Holding and Sheikh Cisse Union, which has been closed. For more information, please visit the address and contact us for more information.


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