Non-oil trade of 1.3 billion dollars between Iran and Africa/40,000 Iranian cars are exported to Senegal

The deputy official of the Iran and Africa Business Club announced the trade of two million and 545 thousand tons of Iran-Africa trade worth one billion and 278 million and 541 thousand dollars in 2022, which has been accompanied by a two percent growth compared to the previous year.

Seyyed Ruhollah Latifi, deputy official of the Iran and Africa Business Club regarding Iran’s non-oil trade with the African continent, said: Last year, 49 African countries were the destination of Iranian goods, and goods needed by the country were purchased from 23 countries from this continent.

صادرات ماشین از ایران به سنگال

He added: At the invitation of the Iran and Africa Business Club in March of last year, Senegal’s economic delegation traveled to Tehran, and one of the results was a request to purchase 40,000 cars from Saipa Automobile Group, which is based in Tehran. For 10 years, 3000 Shaheen vehicles for the taxi fleet and 1000 Zamiad vehicles for use in intra-city transportation, fire trucks and firefighting should be exported to this country. For this year, a pre-invoice for the sale of 200 Shahin vehicles has been issued to this country for the first part. So that at the same time the issues related to after-sales services, dealerships and the long-term supply of spare parts between Saipa and the foreign party will be completed and other cars will be delivered according to the schedule.

The deputy official of the Iran and Africa Business Club, describing trade with the African continent, said: Out of the total non-oil trade in 2022, exports to African countries reached two million 452 thousand 12 tons of goods worth one billion 183 million 224 thousand 873 dollars, which shows a one percent decrease compared to 2021, and imports from this continent have grown by 59 percent to 92,898 tons of goods worth 95,316,440 dollars.

Latifi, the spokesman of the International Relations and Trade Development Commission of Iran’s Mining Industry and Trade House, said in his explanation about the first seven destinations of Iran’s exports to Africa: The top seven destinations of Iranian goods to the African continent in 2022 are South Africa with the purchase of 305 million 411 thousand dollars (20% growth), Mozambique with 190 million 517 thousand dollars (94% growth), Ghana with 165 million 14 thousand dollars (53% decrease), Sudan with 142 million 702 thousand dollars (96% growth), Nigeria with 129 million and 332 thousand dollars (3% growth), Kenya with 53 million and 203 thousand dollars (31% decrease) and Ivory Coast with 41 million and 605 thousand dollars (183% growth).

Moreover, regarding the first seven countries selling goods to Iran from the African continent, he said: Out of 23 African countries that sell goods to Iran, Tanzania sold $20,899,000 (43% growth), Kenya sold $17,277,000 (174% growth). South Africa with $16,637,000 (158% growth), Ghana with $9,136,000 (22% growth), Seychelles with $7,285,000 (82% growth), Egypt with $5,727,000 Dollar (60% growth) and Congo with four million and 742 thousand dollars (1,424% growth) were respectively the first seven countries selling goods to Iran in 2022.

The former customs spokesman added: Burundi, Botswana, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Sierra Leone are four export destinations that were not in the list of Iran’s export destinations in 2021, to which Iranian goods were exported in 2022.

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