Visit to Fajr Rayan company

The presence of the head of the tradesmen's union accompanied by the Iran and Africa Business Club at Fajar Rayan Company

The visit of the Senegalese delegation to the production line of CCTV cameras equipped with a very high quality license plate reader system owned by Fajar Rayan Company and announcing the readiness of the Senegalese to import this product to their country.

According to the report of public relations and international affairs of Iran and Africa Business Club: The high-level business delegation of Senegal, headed by Mr. Sheikh Cisse, in its other visits to Iranian production complexes, in coordination with the Iranian and African Business Club and together with the managers of this club, from the production line of CCTV cameras equipped with a license plate reader system. ; belonging to Fajar Rayan Parsian Company, which is a subsidiary of Alfajar Holding, visited Abbas Abad Industrial Town. Which finally led to the reception and positive feedback of the members of this foreign delegation about the quality of construction, the price and the very good performance of these products. Senegalese traders stated that although similar to this product is seen in the Senegalese market. But none of them were at this level of quality and it can be said that this Iranian product has wider competitive advantages in the Senegalese market, therefore the Senegalese delegation announced their readiness to import this product.

فجر رایان
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