Visiting Saipa Automobile Factory

The visit of the Senegalese business delegation to the Saipa automobile factory in coordination with the Iran and Africa Business Club

Following the presence of the high-level business delegation from Senegal, another visit of the Senegalese business delegation was arranged in coordination with the Iran and Africa Business Club. During our visit to Saipa factory and Khoro Shahin production line, a very positive feedback was given from this Senegalese delegation.

According to the report of public relations and international affairs of Iran and Africa Business Club: After visiting the Saipa production line, a meeting was held between the Senegalese delegation along with the managers of the Iran and Africa Business Club and the managers of the Saipa company in order to review the details and conditions of the purchase and export of the company’s cars to Senegal. In this meeting, Senegalese members announced the supply of 30,000 vehicles in a 10-year perspective as their national need. In addition, they stated that they are looking forward to supply this number of cars from Iranian companies. And in the first step, they want to start this cooperation, which of course has a history of more than 15 years due to the presence of Seniran company, by importing 3000 cars for the taxi fleet of Dakar, the capital city of this country. Because currently, one of the national policies of Senegal is to modernize the old and worn out fleet of this country.

سایپا و سنگال

In addition, the managers of Saipa Company have also expressed their desire to sign this contract and they hope that soon they will witness the implementation of the process of exporting Iranian cars to West Africa. At the end of the meeting, the members of this Senegalese delegation announced that after providing cars for the taxi fleet; They are considering buying a Blue Pickup car or Blue Nissan.

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