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Activation of Iranian car production lines in Senegal is a joint vision of the Iranian and African Business Club and the Senegalese Businessmen's Union.

The deputy official of the Iran and Africa Business Club said: The head of Senegal’s high-ranking economic delegation and high advisor to the president will head a delegation that will arrive in Tehran tomorrow.

According to the public relations and international affairs report of the Iran and Africa Business Club: The Senegalese business delegation will meet with commercial and production organizations, managers of production units and officials related to the field of trade in West Africa for ten days under the chairmanship of Mr. Sheikh Cisse, the President’s High Economic Adviser and the head of this country’s trade union.

Latifi added: During this period, 1 million 844 thousand 601 tons of Iranian goods worth 990 million 569 thousand dollars were exported to 38 African countries, which shows an increase of 9% in weight and 36% in the value of exported goods compared to the same period. to give

خط تولید خودرو ایرانی در سنگال

Iranian car production line in Senegal

He added: The Senegalese delegation prior to the invitation of Iran and Africa Business Club will visit different companies from automobile companies, steel production units, food production and export companies, fruit and vegetable production companies, textile and clothing factories, petrochemical product companies, carpet manufacturers, knowledge-based products and milk powder producers. As well they will negotiate with the provincial chambers of commerce, the country’s chamber of trades, the country’s mining industry, and national agricultural and food organizations. Although it is not possible to speak about the achievements of this trip with certainty until the negotiations are finalized, the visit and meeting with Iranian car manufacturers can lead to the resumption of the activities of Iranian car production lines in this country or even to the export of Iranian cars to Senegal.

He then mentioned the importance of Senegal that it’s a country with a population of 17 million, of which 90% are Muslims. This country, which has covered an area of 200,000 square kilometers of West Africa, borders Mauritania, Mali, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau and the Atlantic Ocean. Atlas is the gateway for goods to 15 African countries, which has a minimum entry tariff so it is an advantage for traders to enter these countries from Senegal. The income of this country comes from agriculture, industry and services respectively. Whereas peanuts, millet and corn are among the agricultural products of this land.

Mr. Latifi also talked about the Senegal’s total trade worth in 2021 reached 15 billion 600 million dollars while the share of goods exported from this country has reached 4 billion 500 million dollars. Senegal’s top export products are oil, different types of fish, Chemical minerals, stones and precious metals. Furthermore, most of this country’s exports go to Mali, India and Switzerland respectively. In addition, the export of engineering technical services from Senegal in 2020 has reached to 880 million dollars.

He added the total value of imported goods to Senegal in 2021 was more than 8 billion dollars. Fuel and oil products, grains, machinery and mechanical equipment, vehicles, Iron and steel are the first 5 items of the country’s import list that have been assigned to them. In addition, France, China, India, Russia and Nigeria are the first suppliers of goods for Senegal. The total trade between Iran and Senegal in 2021 was worth 2.4 million dollars, of which 50% was the share of the export of vehicle and motorcycle parts where as 17% of it was from foodstuffs. Moreover, in the year 2021, the amount of imports from Senegal to Iran has reached 370 thousand dollars but unfortunately, in the ten months of this year, Iran’s exports to Senegal decreased and reached 593 thousand dollars, and there were no imports from this country.

The deputy official and spokesman of the Iran-Africa Business Club stated: One of the most important investment projects of Iran in Africa is the establishment of the Iran Khodro factory in Senegal under the name “Seniran Auto”, which is currently semi-active due to the problem of electricity supply. is currently consulting and planning on strengthening trade relations, solving the current problems and obstacles of trade between Iran and Senegal should also be on the agenda of business and economic activists along with the authorities of the two countries.


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