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Reasons for company registration in South Africa

If you are thinking of entering the field of international trade in the African continent, you have probably thought of registering a company in the African continent. Among the countries of the African continent, the Republic of South Africa is the most developed and richest country in the African continent, which will definitely be one of the best destinations for investment. It has been an activist in the field of economy. Also, the special geographical location of this country has provided special opportunities for international trade. In this country, a lot of respect and value is placed on private property, business ethics, scientific research and patents. Also, South Africa has a good rating in the field of protecting and supporting investors compared to other selected countries in the world.

Reasons for company registration in South Africa


There are three main reasons:


1- South African states are not included in the “black list” of offshore companies.

2- The existence of a developed and efficient banking system in South Africa.

3- It is possible to do successful tax planning in this country.

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Company registration in the Republic of South Africa

One of the ways to immigrate to South Africa is to register a company in this country. The country of South Africa is a developed and safe place for investors who intend to establish and start a business, people who intend to obtain South African residency can do so through a South African work visa and also through a South African study visa residence in this country. But for those who intend to invest in South Africa, they can achieve their goal by registering a company in this country. In order to register a company in South Africa, it is necessary for a person to fully familiarize himself with the economic conditions and the labor market of this country.

Registering a company and creating a business in South Africa and investing in this country is more suitable for people who are at a high level financially. People who intend to invest and register a company in South Africa should get their information in the field of purchase, to collect property, living expenses, businesses in this country, etc. That is why we suggest to you dear ones who are planning to establish a company in South Africa and also to invest in this country, that before any action, go to South Africa with a tourist visa and get to know the economic conditions, labor markets, living conditions, food and clothing costs and all aspects of work and life there.

Ways to immigrate to South Africa :

  • Educational migration to South Africa
  • Work migration to South Africa

Company registration in South Africa by Iran and African Continent Business Club

Company registration procedures

In the first stage of company registration in South Africa, applicants must have prepared an economic justification plan or a business plan. It should be explained, the expectations from the services of this plan should be specified and even the management team should be specified.

Also, the type of shares should be mentioned in this business plan and how the purchase of shares in South Africa is done, estimates of costs such as: including company registration costs in South Africa, costs for investing financial resources. And there should be monetary support as well.

After completing these steps, the name of the company should be chosen and we should be careful to be a little creative in choosing the name and choose a name that is not repetitive, not the name of a real person, and it is even better that this name should be the type of business activity and introduce the nature of your business.

After choosing a name, you have to pay a fee to confirm that name and then fill out the file completion form and the company registration form. It should be noted that you are not alone in any of these steps and our legal consulting team will be with you from zero to one hundred company registration in South Africa.

After completing the above steps, you must select the names of the managers and also receive the approval of the South African Police Department, therefore, all the educational and professional qualifications of the managers must be translated. Remember that in order to register a company in South Africa, you must also prepare a certificate of no bad background from the people in positions in your company.

In the last step, open a bank account with the name of the company and specify the location as the company and send its address for confirmation.

All steps of company registration in South Africa will be done through the legal advisors of the Iran and Africa Business Club, and you can entrust us with zero to one hundred company registration matters without any worries.

Types of company registration in South Africa

  1. Establishing a representative office in South Africa
  2. Establishing an affiliate branch in South Africa
  3. Establishing an independent branch in South Africa
  4. Registering the company in South Africa in the form of shares
  5. Registering a limited liability company in South Africa
  6. Registering a company in South Africa in a joint and personal manner
  7. Registering the company in South Africa in a civil manner

Benefits of registering a company in South Africa

  • One of the important advantages of registering a company in South Africa is its 100% ownership, which does not require the presence of a South African citizen to register a company in this country.
  • Establishing business in a safe country with diplomatic and economic stability
  • The cost of company registration in South Africa is low compared to other countries, and this is considered an advantage.
  • It should be noted that increasing the account with the company’s name in South Africa is done more securely and reliably.
  • The amount of tax in this country is at a lower level compared to other countries.
  • It is possible that you can hire 60% of your workforce from South Africans, and a percentage of your workforce from abroad.
  • The company’s financial statements do not need to be registered with the tax office.
  • By getting a second passport, you can easily travel to countries like England or…
  • Residence permit in this country
  • The cost of living in this country is relatively low.
  • The amount of responsibility of the shareholders directly depends on the amount of capital they invest in the company.
  • You can easily bring your spouse and children under 18 years old.
  • The existence of good potential that this country has in different industries and sectors can be considered an important advantage.
  • Get permanent residency for your children and spouse.
  • As soon as you get your residence, you can study in this country for free.
  • You will get rid of the limiting factors, such as sanctions, forever.
  • Easy and quick access to global markets
  • Ability to export and import with the necessary trade licenses from the South African government

African economy

Despite the many challenges that exist in South Africa, according to World Bank statistics, South Africa is ranked 84th in terms of ease of doing business in 2020, and the country has the lowest electricity prices in the world.

It is interesting to know that the government of South Africa is doing its best for economic and scientific progress in the world and has provided a platform for international students so that this country can enjoy good scientific, economic and research progress in the world.

It is worth mentioning that this country has many natural resources and is rich in gold resources (about fourteen percent of the world’s gold). This country is one of the largest producers of oil in the world, and it has natural resources and precious stones. And also in the agricultural sector, it is the second producer in industrial cultivation.

This country alone is self-sufficient in all matters and has exported many foodstuffs to other countries, which all indicate that South Africa is not only suitable for studying and working in the world, but also a suitable destination for foreign investors. It is considered and attracts many investors every year.

In the end, our suggestion for you dear ones, if you intend to invest in South Africa, you can take action from less risky routes because investing and registering a company in foreign countries has a high risk and if there is a defect in the work unfortunately, your business will suffer.

Now the question arises, what are the low-risk paths in the beginning? Easy and less risky suggestions such as: immigrate to this country through studying in South Africa and after that you can stay in this country and according to the conditions of the government of this country, which is always interested in attracting foreign capital, with less capital. Proceed to register the company.

In the end

For more information, you can contact the legal unit of the Iran and African Continent Business Club every day and consult with our experienced lawyers. You can also fill out our legal advice request form and through that our advisors will check all your conditions and contact you and tell you the necessary solutions.

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